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Looking for a little socialization for your pup? 

Behavioral Assessments

In order to ensure optimal safety for your pup, we do require a 15-20 minute behavioral screening before your pup is able to enroll into our daycare at Charming Paws. These screenings are a great introduction to the atmosphere of daycare, as well as a chance to meet the daycare attendants, some new friends and get familiar with the smells!

During these screenings, we look for signs of aggression, as well as any red flags that may limit playtime. Examples of this may include lunging at staff/other pups, excessive efforts to show dominance, or signs of severe anxiety. 

Screenings do have a one-time charge of $10.00 before tax and are by appointment only


About Our Daycare

Charming Paws doggy daycare is a great option to tire your pup out while you’re away! By the time you pick them up, they will be all ready for snuggles! 

We split our doggy daycare into three sections based on size, temperament, and play style. During the day, your pup will enjoy playing with the other pups in their play group, as well as enjoying activities such as group fetch, pool time, tag, and tunnel time. 

Each section has outdoor access 24/7, in which they are free to roam our outside sections, giving them more space to play and areas to go potty when they need to! 

Lunch time is anywhere between 11am and 12pm. We feed individually to ensure that your pup can enjoy their lunch! 

Daycare is split into half day (5 hours or less) and full days (5+ hours). Our weekday daycare hours are 6:30am to 6:30pm and on Saturdays, 6:30am to 6:00pm. 

All pups that would like to enroll into our daycare must complete their behavioral assessment beforehand. 

Benefits of Daycare

  • Socialization​​

    • Playing with other pups without becoming aggressive.

    • Understanding social cues from other pups​

    • Giving appropriate social cues to other pups

    • Safely interacting with children.

    • Being confident!

    • Accompanying you to various places 

      • On vacation

      • To the park

      • On walks

      • To other peoples' homes

  • Mental Stimulation

    • Pool time

    • Tunnel time

    • Tag games

    • Treat games

    • Play equipment

    • Etc.

  • Supervision

    • Dogs in daycare are under constant supervision, so we ensure that they're not being destructive, putting themselves in danger, barking excessively, or being overly aggressive to other dogs.

  • Exercise

    • Running with friends​

    • Hide-and-seek

    • Play-wrestling

    • Playing tag

    • Pool time

    • Catching butterflies

    • Etc.

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Charming Paws

Professional, insured care-givers make sure your furry friend has a get-away as great as yours!

Our facility is equipped and monitored by video cameras for your pup's safety!
CHarming Paws


CHarming Paws

The people at Charming Paws in Grafton are always happy to see my dog in the morning , they let me know how he does during the day, and he is completely exhausted when we get home. He seems genuinely happy to go visit this place, so it is a great option for people like me who feel guilty for their long work days.

~ Nicola De Torre