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This is a one-stop natural pet health center. Our center features indoor and outdoor play area - with both concrete and grassy play areas, comfy furniture to nap on, an indoor deck, agility equipment, and lots of fun for your dog. Our services can be combined with overnight boarding (where your pet gets their own suite), and grooming. Just as exercising several times a week is ideal for humans, it keeps our pets living long and healthy lives as well.


We offer separate areas for large dogs and small or medium-sized dogs or puppies. If you prefer the little ones with the big ones that is OK too. Like any good day care too much fun can wear your family member out, so we offer a natural treat, and napping to classical music each afternoon.


Screening process


For everyone to have a good time we have to make sure your furry friend can play well with others. We require that the your family pet passes an entrance exam to assure that aggression or excessive shyness or fear won't be a problem.


Our screening process involves interviews with you - the owner to find out if your pet is food or toy aggressive, protective of territory, or fearful of humans, followed by evaluation of your pet in various circumstances.

An example of a test might include:

  1. Administrates the tolerance test used by Therapy Dogs International. This test involves tugging on the dog's ears, pulling on its collar, judging its reaction to noise, and checking for food aggression.

  2. Introduces new dogs one-on-one with other dogs to see how they interact.

  3. Puts a new dog into a small group of four or five compatible dogs.

  4. Places a new dog in an empty room while all other dogs outside, then bringing dogs back in one or two at a time to check new dog's reaction

Medical prerequisites


We require that our furry guest have vaccinations for distemper, parvo virus, and rabies; appropriate vaccination schedule can be discussed with our staff and your veterinarian. Pets must be spayed or neutered if over nine months of age unless special arrangements are made. 


I have been taking Eisen(hower) here since he was 12 weeks old. He looks forward to going everytime. The staff helps with socialization skills and to help house train the pups.  The day care is phenomonal! The groomer (Heide) is excellent. Give them a try... Great place!

~Ken Onken

Professional, insured caregivers make sure your furry friend has a vacation as great as yours!


Daycare is open 6:30a- 6:30p Mon - Fri

and 6:30a-6p on Saturdays.

Doggie Grooming is by Appointment Only

Doggie Boarding is by Appointment Only

Sunday and Holiday pick up are available!

After hours phone number:

T/ 414.803.7642

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The Best Thing To Happen To Your Pet Since Coming To Live With You


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Hours are by appointment only.

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