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My dog sheds more than I think it should - Why? 

Almost every dog sheds. Some of them shed a lot. Most people who get a dog know about shedding, but do not realize how much hair they will be dealing with. With some dogs having double coats and others having hair that is appropriate for climates different than the one they are living in, coats can get messy, but we can help. 

How often should my pet be taken to the groomer? 

Much of this depends on what you are willing to do at home, as well as what type of dog you have. If you brush your dog daily, you can cut down on trips to the spa. If you prefer to have your furry friend pampered while you spend your time on other things, you can have more spa visits. Our staff is happy to advise you for any of your needs. Please call for a free consultation. 

What are hair cycles?


Hair does not grow continually, but in cycles. After a growing stage the hair rest. During this resting stage a new hair is growing beside the old hair, which is then shed out. This is when it lands on your clothes, floor and furniture.

At any given time, there is hair on the dog in different phases. Hair is lost all year, with heavier shedding occurring seasonally. Light effects the cycle, so when the days are longer, spring to summer, there is more shedding. Domestication has changed seasonal shedding to some extent. House pets are exposed to long hours of artificial light, so they tend to lose hair year round.

How can Charming Paws staff help you with shedding?

The good news is that grooming can remove much of the dead shedding hair, up to 80% - Just give us a call!

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