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Your pup deserves a vacation while you're away and we are all about having fun here!

Our facility is equipped and monitored 24/7, INSURED, and ready to become your pup's home away from home during the day! 


About Our Boarding

Charming Paws offers a suite-style boarding option. Each individual suite accompanies 1-3 dogs, making it very convenient for same family pups to snuggle at night! 

We offer two different sizes for our boarding suites, 4 ft x 4 ft to accommodate our smaller breeds, as well as 5 ft x 5 ft to accommodate our larger breeds. Each temperature-controlled suite is fully insulated to keep your pups warm in the cooler months and cool in the warmer months, while simultaneously containing a security camera with playback, so there are always eyes on your pup!

Inside each of our suites, you will find an elevated cot and blanket. We also provide food dishes but we always recommend bringing in some of your pup's favorite things from home to make them feel right at home! 

Feel free to utilize one or both of our enrichment options while your pups vacations with us! Both are included in our boarding fees for no additional cost.

Social StyleConsists of doggy daycare during the day; must complete behavioral assessment prior to drop-off.

One-on-OneConsists of individualized playtime with staff members; no interaction with other dogs in facility; may experience a variety of activities that may include but are not limited to walks, outdoor play time, pool time, snuffle mats, treat puzzles, and brain games.

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