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About us

Our mission at Charming Paws is to go above and beyond the traditional pet daycare to ensure that our canine guests have a unique, safe, caring, and loving experience with our staff.  


In order to achieve this goal, we offer a family-centered environment for your pups to feel right at home in whether that be for playing during the day, staying overnight or visiting for a spa session with our staff.


Our daycare offers three separate groups for pups to be split into, catering to all kinds of play styles, temperaments and sizes. With inside-outside access, your furry friends are able to run out all their zoomies and enjoy the fresh air whenever they feel like doing so!

Our overnight style is not like the rest. We prefer individual bedrooms, rather than kennels and crates. With 4x4 sizes for our smaller breeds and 5x5 sizes for our larger breeds, we are able to keep all pups comfy, cozy and cared for giving them their own home away from home, filling their suite with any belongings you may want to bring along!

Our grooming salons are kept separate from our daycare and boarding to keep it as relaxing as possible. Your pup is with the same staff member from start-to-finish making it less of a hassle for them and more of an enjoyable experience. We take pride in our bathing and always work towards making your pup look the best version of themselves. 

Doggie Daycare

The Best Thing To Happen To Your Pet Since Coming To Live With You


"My Bailey comes home exhausted, you can really tell the staff loves what they do, and treats my Bailey as their own. Love the daily report card. I was nervous at first, but I could call anytime and they would send me happy pics."​

Deb Gerner

At Charming Paws, we find it extremely important to listen to our clients and educate them in order to build a strong and lasting relationship. We value having and maintaining an open, honest, and sincere relationship with our clients. We want to give you all the assurance and confidence that we will care for your loving family pet just as you would at your home.

Our staff is highly trained and experienced, ready to love your pup as one of their own. 


Charming Paws is your extended family facility to care for your pup when you need a to rely on someone you can trust.

CHarming Paws


CHarming Paws

I have three dogs that go daily. They each have their own personality yet the Charming Paws staff has got to know each of them and provided them with an amazing experience. I know they love my pups just as their own. I love the weekly pictures and videos they post on FB.

~Denise L.